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- Stop peeing your pants
- Find resolution for pregnancy & postpartum concerns
- End constipation
- & Resolve pelvic pain

With hands-on care from an experienced & highly specialized  pelvic floor physical therapist.

What We Treat


Pregnancy & Postpartum 

Pain in back/groin/pelvic/tailbone | Birth & Labor prep | Scar tissue healing | Ab separation (diastasis) | Return to activity/exercise | Heaviness/falling out (prolapse)


Bowel & Bladder Issues

Leakage | Increased urgency/frequency | Bladder Pain | Constipation | Abdominal Pain & Bloating | IBS | Incomplete Empyting



Pain with sex, intimacy or insertion | Pelvic, groin, tailbone pain | Unresolved low back & hip pain | Pudendal Neuralgia | Vulvodynia | Vaginismus

"I have been to multiple doctors and another pelvic PT trying to figure out my issues. Core Connections was the only place where I truly felt like she listened, understood, and knew how to help me heal.” -CM
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I'm so glad you're here! I am Dr. Leanna Racine, PT, DPT, founder of Core Connections Pelvic Health. 

I have dedicated my career to helping people resolve issues with life’s most vital functions - urinary, bowel, and sexual function. My treatment approach is grounded in science, clinical expertise, and a holistic whole-person and whole-body perspective. 

I’m also a mom, and I know firsthand how hard it can be to feel in control of your own body in these seasons, and I am especially passionate about working with pregnant and postpartum people.

Reaching out to a pelvic floor physical therapist can feel really vulnerable, which is why I founded Core Connections - so that people can truly feel confident they are in the care of an experienced and compassionate professional.

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