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Your Questions, Answered!

  • Do I need a referral from my doctor?
    No, Colorado allows you "direct access" to physical therapy services, meaning licensed physical therapists can provide evaluation and treatment without a referral from a physician or other healthcare provider. If you already have one, please bring it with you as it helps us communicate with your referring provider.
  • Do sessions involve internal assessment or treatment?
    They can, but they do not have to. At Core Connections, pelvic health physical therapy is always based on what you feel comfortable with. While Dr. Leanna is highly trained and experienced treating pelvic floor muscles internally, if that does not feel right for your body, there are many other ways to help you reach your goals. While internal treatments may be part of your plan, pelvic health physical therapy often utilizes external manual therapy techniques, dry needling, personalized exercises and stretches, and critical education to help you understand your condition and meet your goals.
  • What should I expect on the first visit?
    The first visit is all about the evaluation - getting to know you better, understanding what you are experiencing, and what your biggest priorities are so that we can create a customized plan to help you reach your goals and a life full of joy, connection, and feel-good movement. We will likely have an extended conversation and review all significant factors or health history that could be playing a role in your condition. After that, we will perform a physical exam to better understand your movement, strength, mobility, or tension-holding patterns. It may include an internal pelvic floor muscle assessment if you feel comfortable with that and it provides more valuable information. You will receive ample information on your condition, findings on the exam, and education about the pelvic floor anatomy and function. We will also likely provide some hands-on treatment or training on new movement or breathing techniques to help you to improve between sessions.
  • Will I be given exercises or other homework to do between sessions?
    Yes, we believe that part of the healing process takes place beyond the in-person sessions. We priorities teaching you about your body and pelvic floor and how to empower you in order to achieve lasting change.
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