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Why Work With Us?

Not all pelvic health is the same. See why we're different.

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You will always be seen by a therapist who is truly specialized and has years of experience, never by an aid/tech or someone just getting into the field.


We Know How to Get You Moving

At Core Connections, we know how to safely and intelligently get you or keep you moving instead of telling you to stop doing the things you love or only focusing on the easy stuff that doesn't actually get you better. Whether you're a CrossFitter or simply trying to care for your children or sneeze without symptoms, movement is how we connect with the world.



We specialize in pelvic health, instead of it being an add-on service.


You won't be just a number

We will always truly listen, treat you with compassion, and meet you just where you are, instead of rushing through an appointment or treating you like a number.


Care That's Specific to Your Needs

You will receive hands-on care tailored specifically to you and based on your unique needs, instead of being hooked up to a machine or given a one-size-fits-all program.


We Find & Treat the Root Cause

We thoroughly investigate and seek to resolve the root cause of your concerns, instead of playing whack-a-mole by only treating symptoms without a true understanding or plan.


Holistic Approach

We offer a whole-body and whole-person approach, taking into account the mind-body connection, and how other body regions, lifestyle factors, and habits can influence healing.


A Welcoming & Private Space 

You will always be seen in a private and welcoming space, not within a large gym or a cold medical office with paper sheets. 


We've Had Babies Too

We understand firsthand the challenges with growing, birthing, and carrying a baby, instead of seeing a provider who has never experienced the mental and physical transformations of pregnancy and birth.


One on One Care

Sessions are always one-on-one  with your therapist and last for a full hour, you'll never be handed off to an assitant or shuffled out after a short visit.

What Makes Core Connections Different?

Not all pelvic floor therapy is the same. 

With the demand for pelvic health therapy growing tremendously, more and more practices are starting to provide pelvic health services. Some therapists will begin seeing pelvic health patients right out of school, or after taking a single weekend course. Sometimes clinics will offer pelvic health services as an add-on to a big, busy therapy practice that primarily focuses on conditions like shoulder and knee pain, where patients are seen briefly by a therapist then handed off to a technician in a big open gym. While sometimes this may be helpful, without a thorough understanding of your condition, these improvements are often temporary, or sometimes treatment can even make your condition worse.


You deserve expert care that is truly specialized, comprehensive, and private.

At Core Connections, appointments are always one-on-one and your care will never be handed over to an aid or assistant. You will always be seen by a seasoned clinician with years of pelvic health-specific training and experience, all in a welcoming and private environment. Reach out today to see why working with us is different.

{During my birth} I used every single lesson from Pelvic Floor PT - literally the best thing I could have done to prepare for birth."


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