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Why Work With Us?

We get it, even if you know healing is possible, the thought of sharing your story and addressing physical issues down there can feel overwhelming, vulnerable, and so deeply personal. Our mission at Core Connections is to provide the expert pelvic health care you need to reach your goals, in a welcoming and nonjudgemental space.



We know how to get you moving

From picking up a toddler without back pain, sneezing without peeing your pants, or getting back to running after having a baby, movement is how we how we connect with the world. At Core Connections, we know that to build lasting resolution and resilience, movement is essential medicine. So whether you are a new mom simply trying to feel connected to your body, or a CrossFit athlete tired of peeing during double unders, we know how to get you moving safely and intelligently to reduce symptoms, and find lasting resolution to urinary and bowel symptoms, pain, and any other pelvic floor issue.


It is the support you need during pregnancy and postpartum

Simply put, our current mainstream system doesn't support pregnant and postpartum people well enough. Too often people are told that things like groin pain or back pain are normal during pregnancy and they are just something to “deal with”. Or maybe you want to prepare your body for childbirth - one of the most physically transformative events in your life?


After pregnancy, it is common to feel disconnected from your body, or you may be frustrated by symptoms such as incontinence, pelvic pain, diastases recti, prolapse, pain or limitations with sexual intimacy. Or maybe you are struggling to find meaningful ways to return to exercise and activity again. A few check ups after childbirth (compared with so many during pregnancy!), are rarely enough to help people understand what is going on, heal and resolve issues, and how to return to exercise, activity, and intimacy.


That is exactly why we are here - to help you feel connected to your body throughout all of the seasons, be able to meet life’s daily demands, and help you get back to the activities you love.

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Experienced clinical care from the same doctor, everytime

At Core Connections, your sessions will always be a full hour and one-on-one with Dr. Leanna Racine, PT, DPT. No shuffling between providers, no working with technicians or assistants, and no fear of your provider leaving for another practice. You can be confident that your therapist has years of specialized pelvic health experience training, extensive continuing education, and advanced skills training.


A warm, welcoming and nonjudgemental space

No cold medical offices here, but a space that puts you at ease and feels like a cozy hug. We know that working through pelvic floor issues is stressful enough, and Core Connections strives to be a space that you can finally feel safe and at ease. From tea in the waiting room, to heated sheets, to a provider that truly listens without judgement, the space is cultivated specifically for your healing. We invite you to always come as you are - bring your baby, nurse if you need to during the session, bring a partner or friend to feel more comfortable, show up on your cycle, come when you are in a good mood, in a bad mood - you are always welcome just as you are.


"I was amazed and grateful that Dr. Leanna could get my chronic hip issue and shoulder back in comfortable working order with just a few treatments and directed exercises." -LF

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