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What We Treat

Pelvic health issues are common, but not often talked about. They can make you feel disconnected from, and out of control in your own body. You may even worry what you're experiencing is the new normal, and you're relegated to a life of leaking, pain, or limitations in how you exercise, move your body, or engage in sexual intimacy.

At Core Connections, we know that change is possible with specialized pelvic health care, and a plan that is unique to you and your healing.

Do you have any of these concerns?

Reach out today.

  • Leaking with exercise, coughing or sneezing

  • Pelvic, tailbone or abdominal pain

  • Low back, groin, or hip pain that hasn't resolved with other treatment

  • Pain with pregnancy

  • Recovery after childbirth

  • Preparing for birth, learning pushing strategies

  • Return to exercise & activity after childbirth or a surgery

  • Having to pee all the time, or feeling intense urges to go

  • Constipation

  • Scar tissue in the pelvis or abdomen

  • Feeling like something is falling out

  • Diastasis recti

  • Pain or limitations with sexual intimacy

  • Loss of stool or smearing in underwear

  • Optimizing pelvic health for athletic performance or recreation

Is your concern not listed above or not sure if we can help? Reach out to us so we can answer your questions directly and get you the support you need.

"I healed so much with Dr. Leanna and highly recommend her to anyone. She was extremely professional as well as warm and easy to talk to.” -CF


IMG_9379 (1).HEIC
Hands-On Therapies

- Dry Needling

- Manual therapy

- Cupping

- Joint Mobilizations

- Soft tissue mobilization / massage

- Fascia mobilization


- Education on anatomy & function of the pelvic floor muscles & surrounding structures

- Thorough explanation of therapy diagnosis and treatment plan

- Teaching on self-management techniques

Movement Therapy

- Movement analysis & retraining

- Exercise prescription

- Strength & Endurance training

- Pilates

- Sports recovery

Core Connections provides specialized pelvic health physical therapy and wellness consultation services. We also offer complimentary discovery calls to answer your questions and see if we are a fit to work together.

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